About us

A church for young professionals who are committed to excellence


 To transform young professionals for full and effective responsibilities through upholding integrity, creativity and excellence as faithful stewards of Christ thus impacting the world.

Mission statement

Practicing and impacting excellence by intergrating virtues of sanctity and professionalism.

Who we are

City Harvest is a holistic family of believers in the Lord Jesus Christ that share God given resources to do ministry among young professionals through guiding them to develop strong and positive relationships, empower and train them as they plan their lives and develop their careers.

Goals/ Objectives

  1. Great Commandment- Mathew 22:34-40
  • Love for God through worship, preaching of the word, prayers, witnessing e.t.c
  • Love for men through ministering to the needy; widows, orphans, street children, single parents e.t.c

    2.   Great Commission- Mathew 28:18-20

  • Go out to search for the lost (evangelism), Bring them into the fellowship to teach and train them.
  • Send them out to minister (Missions)

Slogan/ Spirit

Be transformed to transform.

"Be transformed to transform"

Pastoral staff:

  1. Architect Yared Dondo
  2. Mrs. Matilda Dondo
  3. Professor Theophil Rwebangira
  4. Advocate Magdalene Rwebangira
  5. Dr. Modest Kipilimba
  6. Dr. Bertha Kipilimba





Upcoming Events

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Garage Bus Stop, Nelson Mandela Road, Mabibo, Dar es Salaam
Victoria Station 2nd Floor.
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  • Garage Bus Stop, Nelson Mandela Road, Mabibo, Dar es Salaam, Victoria Station
  • cityharvestdar@yahoo.com

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